Céline Quéron

Céline has been in charge of European projects within ID2Santé since 2010, and she is currently involved in “Boost4Health”, an INTERREG project offering innovation and internationalisation vouchers to SMEs.

ID2Santé is a health cluster located in Bretagne (Western France). ID2Santé supports companies (mainly SMEs) and researchers from academia to develop innovative health products and services. The main areas of expertise are medical technologies and e-health, pharma and biotech, nutrition and prevention.

Céline has been involved in CEBR activities since 2010, in particular within the « sharing facilities » SIG (Special Interest Group), aligned with the European project “ShareBiotech” which she used to manage at that time. Previously, she was a European project manager at Biogenouest (a network of life science technology core facilities), linked to INRA (the National Research Institute for agriculture). She holds a Master’s degree in agricultural sciences (1997) and a Bachelor’s degree in languages and international trade (2007).