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Young Innovative Companies network

Assessed through the ABCEurope Project Cluster Management Special Interest Group - Heidelberg May 2011 'Building value for cluster actors'
The service
A slide presentation of the show is available for CEBR Members here in the CEBR DropBox.  If you are a CEBR Member but do not have access to the DropBox, please contact for an invitation.
The YIC Network was launched in response to the understanding that all young companies face the same challenges in developing commercial skills networking.
The mission of the group is to provide support both moral and technical, with accelerated networking and a friendly environment.
16 companies within PharmaValley are currently Members.
The Network provides:
  • 3-4 half day meetings per year
  • Themes selected by the companies based on immediate challenges
  • Experts invited for presentations
  • Topics have included:
  1. Communication for small companies
  2. Negotiating and drafting contracts
  3. How and why share - rules to follow
  4. Integration of regulatory requirements and quality
  5. Management and financing of innovation and growth
The long term aim of the Network is to share good practice and resources e.g. a commonly funded Business Development Manager.

Service assessment



Value to cluster actors

High: For young companies

Value to cluster as a whole

High: This is a strong tool for supporting young companies

Impact on quality of services in cluster

Medium: No direct link to other services clusters aside from experts at meetings


Low: This requires low staffing to manage the network

Ease of implementation

High: Very easy to create

Size of cluster

All: All clusters have YICs within them, even if other, broader networks exist

Suitable for...

All clusters, with greatest benefit in a young, diverse cluster

Skills required

A champion for the Network and basic network and event skills

Value for cluster management

High: Trusted partnerships with young companies and a enhanced understanding of their needs

Value in wider networking

High: A National or Europe-wide YIC Network would bring significant critical mass and shared benefit

Barrier to entry

None - could be implemented by all clusters or biocommunities.